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The Today Album contains 10 songs focusing on a variety of subjects such as health, finances & relationships & much more. The lyrics in these songs contain powerful messages and affirmations that could apply to most anyone.

In addition to the catchy tunes & powerful affirmations, each song has also been adjusted to the 432 hz frequency in order to enhance the effectiveness of the affirmations and bring the music more into balance with nature.

Our customers are experiencing great success just from listening to the songs. Here’s one of many testimonials we are receiving:

“Just a few weeks ago I was handling my money poorly and had all kinds of personal sabotage keeping me from moving forward with my life. Well now I am doing better each day at managing finances and growing my personal and professional practice. I maybe even moving to Chicago in a couple months!! So once more and always, thank you 🙂 ”

This particular album is a great introduction to creating your own Musical Manifestations! We are excited to hear about the experiences you are soon to have!

REMEMBER! All you have to do is choose the songs that you like and most apply to your situation, put them in a playlist on your computer or phone and then REPEAT them as much as you able! You will be surprised how things come together to propel you towards your goals.