In this message I’m going to help you achieve your dreams by learning to set your intention and then following the few simple steps to allow a manifestation. At the end, I’ll show you how my musical integration method boosts your result dramatically.

Setting your primary intention means that you narrow down the list of goals and dreams to
that one thing that is most important to you at this time. When you are crystal clear about
what you want and you are able to remove the distractions that cloud your vision, then it
becomes easier to achieve.

You have probably thought about this ‘one thing’ for a while now, haven’t you? Perhaps you’ve tried and tried, finding yourself repeating the same scenarios and patterns. If you find it difficult to narrow down your desires to only one, then try writing down all of the ones that come to mind. Ask yourself, “Which of these is most important for me to work on at this time?” The answer will come, if you do not know already.

The next step is to write down the desire so you can see it. Then pay attention to how you
feel. This is the most important step because you need to feel like the words you have
written represent your desire WITHOUT CONFLICT.

Here’s an example of what I mean: Let’s assume your goal is to make $10,000/month, so you write down the following:
I give thanks for receiving $10,000/month.
Well, some thoughts enter your mind that remind you that it is important to not just make
$10,000/month, but you desire it to also be easy to make $10,000/month. That is the
signal that you need to add something else. So you change it to:
I give thanks for easily receiving $10,000/month.
But then something pops into your mind that “What if I manifest a way to make
$10,000/month in a way that is illegal or against my moral standards?” That is the signal
that you need to add something else. So you change it to:
I give thanks for easily receiving $10,000/month in a way that is legal, ethical, moral and for
the highest good of all.
Now you’re feeling pretty good about what you wrote. Just make sure you are listening to
those little voices that are trying to tell you how to set your primary intention in a way that
works best for you.
Now you are ready to use this powerful statement with music to create the more specific
results that you are looking for.

Writing it Down
Once you have your primary intention and/or your empowering questions, you can write
them down on paper. The act of writing down your primary intention helps to solidify it in
your conscious and subconscious minds. The act of writing down your question will also
solidify the question and create a vacuum to bring the answer to you. Don’t try to
consciously answer the question. Just focus on asking the best most empowering question
that you can think of. Before you know it, you’ll have the best answer as it applies to your life.

But similar to the recommendations given on repeating the songs, you will also find more
success when you write down your statements and questions many times. The more times
you write them down, the more likely it will be that you will see the results of your
intended outcomes.

Start with 50x a day and repeat it every day for a minimum of 1 month. While you do this,
you can enhance the power of making it a reality by playing either 1 or more songs from
your playlist of Transformational Songs that you created. The songs will help to create
positive emotions as you write down your primary intentions and questions.
Note: If you have an extremely urgent situation that you need to have resolved in only a
few days, then you’ll want to increase the number from 50x to as many times as you can
possibly do it… even up to 1000x for the next several days if needed. In other words, don’t
limit yourself to only 50 if its urgent.

Putting it to Music
What would happen if you took your primary intention and had a song created from that? It
would be a short jingle using those exact words. Then what you were listening to in song
format would be the same thing that you were writing on paper. This is even better
because there is even more congruency between the two. The first day I tried this, I was
able to manifest a large amount of money that very same day. I’m not saying that would
happen to every one, but there is a lot of power behind it.

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