When kids listen to TRANSFORMATIONAL SONGS for the first time, this is what it looks like. Beware, ‘Cause Spontaneous Dancing Might Occur.

Now, you may be asking, ‘Which Song’ were they listening to? Well, it was none other than ‘I Regrow My Hair‘. Yes, that is true! These girls were rocking out to a song about hair!

But honestly, this experience has got me thinking about the type of music available nowadays AND how impressionable children are.

I have always loved the music of the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s. But in the last couple decades, it has seemed to me that songs have become less ‘musical’ and more ‘noisical’ (just made that word up).

I’m speaking in terms of the melodies, the arrangements and even the lyrics. From an energetic viewpoint, many modern day songs feel dull, lifeless, uninspiring and chaotic.

I feel very fortunate to have such a great team of arrangers and singers who know how to create beautiful and inspiring songs. They can take a song about any topic and make it sound incredible!

Kids these days aren’t used to ‘real’ music. So when they do listen to it for the first time, its like a whole new experience for them. They actually crave it!

So what we are creating here at Transformational Songs is a new generation of music and I have been told by many parents that their kids not only love the albums, but that they want to keep listening to them!

Now if our goal was only to create beautiful music, then we’d be missing out on the biggest advantage of all, and that is that the words contained within the songs are using very powerful affirmational statements. These statements actually help to program our mind for success. They are organized by topic and used as the actual lyrics of the songs.

Now, when we get songs ‘stuck’ in our heads, the words that keep on repeating are actually conditioning our subconscious mind for success.

Does your child listen to music? What are their favorite songs? Have you carefully read the lyrics in those songs? What they listen to repeatedly WILL have an effect on your child’s behavior at some point.

The question is WHAT will THEY be LISTENING to.