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Interested in Creating Your Own Song?

Our songwriters, singers & arrangers are ready to help create the perfect song for you to help transform your life rapidly and in ways that may appear magical! Your song will include your vision along with lyrics and melodies that you approve of.

Listening to the positive affirmations that matter most to you (as the song lyrics) is powerful and transformative.

How it Works?

We’d love to help you put your vision to music. The first step is to determine what topic(s) you’d like to focus on. Upon placing your order, please email us a paragraph or two describing what your IDEAL VISION is of the subject you have chosen.

If you want to tell us the problem that you’re facing right now, that’s fine, but what we
are going to be including in the song is YOUR VISION of WHAT YOU WANT.


* Don’t worry about making it rhyme! (We will take care of that)


* Do Be Specific
* Do Include the Feelings You Wish to Feel

Discover the process for creating custom music !


Once we receive your vision in writing, we will contact you to schedule a call to review everything including your preferences for style of music, melodies & anything else that is important to you.!


We will then create lyrics and a melody that fits with your vision and melody. We will send you a copy of the lyrics & melody for your approval.


After approval of the melody & lyrics, it will go to the arranger & singer to be produced.


We send you the draft of the song for your approval. All feedback is taken and given back to the arranger and singer for final edits.


Final Edits are made and All Files are sent to you.

The lyrics and melody should be finalized within 2 weeks of the order. We then turn it over to our arrangers and singers. We estimate approximately 2 weeks of production time for that. (Time Estimate: 2-4 weeks after receiving your vision paragraphs)