Your Musical Manifestation Begins NOW!

You are now on your way to manifesting more abundance in your life!

This page contains 3 Easy Steps to show you how to best use songs to transform your life from where you are to where you want to go in the fastest and best way possible.

Are you ready to see rapid transformation take place in your life? What is most important to you at this time? Is it to improve your financial success? Develop better relationships? or increase your physical health?

Did you know that the right songs that are listened to in the right way, can be your most powerful tool in helping you get there FAST & EFFORTLESSLY?

Well, we’ve made this simple! We want you to experience the magic and see a Musical Manifestation happen in your life NOW.

Follow These 3 Steps!
Step #1

Download & listen to Your Free Song – “My Abundance Exceeds Expectations”

This particular song is one of many songs we have created related to abundance. It can apply to anyone regardless of what income level you are at. Abundance also refers to much more than just money. Imagine what it would be like to truly believe that ‘Abundance exceeds your expectations’. How would that impact your life?

Step #2

Download & read our 17 page ebook: “Manifesting What You Want Through Scientific Music”

This 17 page ebook explains the following:

  • How Sofia Loren achieved great success as an actress because of a song her grandmother wrote for her when she was young.
  • Why songs are so effective for helping us achieve our goals
  • How harmonious frequencies can impact the experience
  • How the lyrics of songs affect your subconscious mind
  • A few of our amazing Success Stories
  • Simple methods to use your songs the right way for the best results
Step #3

As you listen to the above song that is included for free and apply the simple methods mentioned in the ebook above, you will be amazed at how your life begins to evolve & synchronicities start to happen to propel you to success.

But it doesn’t stop there! We all have desires to change multiple areas of our lives and having a selection of songs that are engineered to establishing positive beliefs is critical to your success.

In fact, we recommend that you start your journey with 3-5 songs that are most relevant to your goals & dreams & repeat them, as recommended in the ebook above.

After a few months, you will have evolved to a higher level and at that point, you will want to switch those songs for new songs that most resonate with you at that point.

The Today Album is our first Album of 10 scientifically engineered songs using ‘Powerful Affirmations as the Lyrics’ and that also are adjusted to specific frequencies that are more harmonious with nature. The variety of songs in this album deal with health, financial success, relationships, tranquility, gratitude & more.

Since we are passionate about helping all people at all financial levels achieve success, we are offering the ENTIRE ALBUM at a huge discount off the regular price of $37.95.

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To Your Success!


Richard Webb

Founder & Lead Song Engineer