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Holy Crap
Something Crazy Just Happened!

You’ve Just Manifested Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

Here’s what I mean…

…at some point in the past you put forth the intention to improve your life…

…it might of been to get your dream home…

…it might have been getting a new car…

…it might have been a specific amount of money in your bank account allowing you to have total financial freedom…

…It doesn’t matter what it was…

…All that matters is you put forth an intention to improve your life, which put Thea in your life.

Which has a wealth of value on its own.

One of which is getting the email which led you to this page, reading these words right now.

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Here’s the thing, we all know the power of intention, affirmations and positive energy.

But most people don’t know the power of adding a VERY SCIENTIFIC type of music to their affirmations.

This kind of music is proven to adjust the energy you put out to the universe so that your intentions are supercharged, which drastically speeds up how quickly you physically receive what you want.

Not in your mind.

Not on a vision board.

I’m talking about manifesting what you want in its PHYSICAL FORM!

As in you walking into the house of your dreams.

As in you opening the door, inserting the key and driving your new car.

As in putting the ring on the finger of the spouse you’ve always wanted.

You get the point, right?

The e-book you’ll receive explains how this works in a very detailed way.

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To your wild success in life,

Richard Webb

Founder and Lead Song Engineer

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