Hear Richard Webb’s amazing story that took him to a remote tropical island in Panama and a few months later to Svalbard, Norway (in the Arctic Circle) in 2013. And through this journey, he discovered a simple truth about using music for manifestation purposes. As a result of this experience, he became a songwriter in 2014 and has written over 40 songs so far using affirmations as lyrics of songs. Hear some incredible stories of what has happened as a result.

As a personal development enthusiast his entire life, Richard has taken course after course and attended too many ‘self help’ seminars to mention. Bettering himself has been a constant passion of his. He has sold health food products online for 10 years and has simultaneously been an online marketer for 15 years. Now, he embarks on a new mission to spread the word about the power of music to transform our lives, and even more importantly, has created a revolutionary system to transformation that uses music as the foundation to rewire your brain for health, wealth, love and success in life.

Over the past 2 years, Richard has been creating songs that do something that most songs don’t do. They program your mind for success! But they do so in a way that is fun, easy, fast and more efficient than anything most people have tried. You see, music has the ability to affect us on both emotional and psychological levels. Music is one of the only activities that utilizes all areas of the brain. The songs are amazing and are impacting lives throughout the world! These are brand new songs that you most likely have not heard yet!

He is currently partnered with arrangers, singers & other songwriters to create more songs in addition to offering personalized song creation services through his company. In a world where many of today’s popular song lyrics are not very uplifting, these songs are magical in the way they create a positive vision with melodies that are catchy & fun to listen to.

Download a free song now & support this movement not only because of the potential to better your own life, but also for the simple fact that our society, as a whole, needs more songs with positive messages!

Here are some things that will be discussed in this presentation:

* What are Binaural Songs & How They Speed Up The Success You Desire
* Details & Qualifiers that Must be Added to the Song to get the Effects you Desire
* What the Top 10 Most Popular Songs are Today and How they are Affecting Us
* The Difference between ‘Affirmations’ and ‘Affirmations Put to Music’
* How the Frequency of Music Can Be Adjusted to Create the ‘Love’ Frequency
* Listen to Some Sample Songs & Analyze the Lyrics of Some Songs Available Now

BONUS: Get a Free Song and Start Your Journey to Creating Musical Manifestations in Your LIfe!