Welcome To Transformational Songs & Musical Manifestation

My name is Richard Webb and I’d like to thank you for visiting my site and learning more about using music to accomplish your dreams. You can read more about my story of how a trip to the Top of the World created the motivation within me to become a songwriter and why music is the perfect medium to help you get where you want to be.

Music is Powerful!

Music not only affects our emotions, but if used correctly, it can assist us in transforming our lives. We’ve all been affected in one way or another by music. Transformational Songs, Inc is dedicated to creating songs that can be used for more than just recreational purposes. We create Transformational Tools that come in the form of songs. These are not ordinary songs, although they can certainly be enjoyed just like ordinary songs. The difference is that each song is created with special lyrics to achieve specific results in certain areas of our lives.

Our collection of songs & jingles will grow to encompass many genres, singers, arrangers & songwriters. These NEW songs are being listened to around the world, supporting individuals and communities in transforming their lives with ease!

What if the Music You Listen to Not Only Had Entertainment Value, but Could Also Propel You Forward In Achieving Your Dreams Faster & Easier than Most Anything You’ve Tried?

Our Mission

The Mission of Transformational Songs, Inc is to help flood the world with music that will help individuals heal and accomplish their dreams and in the process help to transform our society to one of freedom, equality and love for all!

Our Vision

Our Vision is plain & simple: FREEDOM, EQUALITY & LOVE for ALL. Our songs will always reflect those principles. On both individual and societal levels, songs are the perfect vehicle for creating the change from within. We see millions of people throughout the world using these songs as tools for transformation. Once critical mass is reached, our FREEDOM is assured!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principle that our subconscious minds control a large majority of the actions we take. There are tons of ‘How To’ programs on the market that will tell you what actions you need to accomplish a particular objective. But if you are holding on to limiting beliefs & emotions that drag you down, no amount of ‘step by step’ action plan is going to help you.
By installing new empowering beliefs and emotions & then repeating the process long enough, change will happen automatically & easily. The actions will be effortless and fun because you will have aligned yourself to your new vision.

What is a Musical Manifestation?

When you start using a song as a tool for transformation, within a few weeks, stuff will start to happen. It may be synchronicity, inspiration, people coming in (or going out of your life) and you will see the manifestation of the lyrics in the songs that you’ve been listening to. You will know that a shift has happened. That’s what a musical manifestation is all about!