Through a series of experiences that happened to me, starting in 1995, I discovered just how powerful songs can be. In fact, it was a song that helped me change my belief system so that I was finally able to get married after many years of dating and it was another song that influenced a trip I took to the Arctic Circle in 2013.

But even though I knew about the power of using specific songs to achieve desired results, I did not know at the time how to apply this to every day life, simply because there was no library of affirmation songs that could help people in every aspect of their life.

My trip to the Top of the World affected me in a significant way and I knew in my heart that my destiny in this life was to become a songwriter of affirmation songs. At the time I didn’t even believe I could be one.

But in 2014, I started creating and over time, the inspiration and guidance came as I asked questions and received divine inspiration as to how to create each song.

Now in 2021, this library of affirmation songs is available to you. There are around 80 in many different aspects of life including finances, relationships, health and personal growth.

They are tuned to the more harmonious frequency of 432 hz and even have certain Solfeggio frequencies that have been added. The team of singers and arrangers who have worked on these songs with me are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.